Born on an Air Force base in Abilene, TX, this Indianapolis-native moved seven times before he was 10 years old and 11 more after graduating from high school.  This well-travelled Producer/MC comes from a middle-class two-parent home, has two college degrees and was a Division I college basketball coach.  Why hip-hop?   "In our culture, the only time we educate ourselves is when someone is speaking on the mic.  Music is the only time a speech is on repeat in today's world."   

With his parents originating from Dayton, Ohio, the sonic pleasantries of P-funk were heard constantly throughout his childhood.  This early exposure to funkadelic synths and bass lines would bode well as Dorian grew into a pre-teen.  "In the late 80's, my Dad got stationed at Yokota Air Force Base in Tokyo, Japan.  While we were there, he was constantly playing Lakeside, the Ohio Players, Bootsy Collins.  Once the G-funk era came around with [Dr.] Dre, I felt like I had my own extension of funk." Studying G-funk rap pioneers Warren G, Ice Cube and Tupac Shakur, Dorian began to see hip-hop as an art form where storytelling was celebrated.

While in elementary school, Dorian began to play the trumpet and learned to read music.  Tired of hearing his nine-year-old son bang on cardboard boxes in the basement, Dorian's father bought him his first drum set that Christmas.  This would shift Dorian's musical interest to percussive instruments which he played in the middle school band while singing baritone in the church choir until high school graduation.  "I always had an interest in music, but the music we were playing at school wasn't what I was hearing on the radio.  Indianapolis' hip-hop scene was limited and there weren't any under-21 spots to go hear the music I liked.  I wanted to rap like The Pharcyde.  I wanted to make beats like Timbaland, Teddy Riley and Pharrell.  That wasn't happening at school or church, so I stopped playing all together."

While studying Psychological and Brain Sciences at Indiana University-Bloomington, Dorian became passionate about helping others.  After graduation, Dorian ventured on to begin his career as a basketball coach with stops at Lees-McRae College (NC), Montverde Academy (FL), VCU (VA) and Jacksonville University (FL).  Despite all of his success, including obtaining a Master's Degree from the University of Central Florida, Dorian still felt unfulfilled.  "When I started coaching, my goal was to make the NBA. Period.  I wanted to work in the video room of a NBA team.  I wanted to work 90-100 hours a week editing film. That was the dream.  Every summer for about eight years, I got passed over for unpaid internships...Unpaid!  That's when I knew that no matter how passionate or talented you are, others will never see your vision."

In October 2013, Dorian moved to Chicago, IL to take what would be his final basketball job.  While living in the Windy City, Dorian had a personal revelation that took him back to the musical joys of his childhood.  "I was working nights at this job analyzing data for the NBA.  I hated it.  This was my 13th job since I had graduated college and I knew something had to change. On February 14, 2014, I took my entire tax refund check and bought a laptop off Craigslist, a 25 key MIDI Keyboard and Logic Pro X.  I sat in my 500 square foot studio apartment for 90 days straight and taught myself how to make beats off of YouTube."  Combining all of his experiences in coaching and corporate America, the self-sufficient nature of the music business was a natural fit.  With a former college roommate he founded his record label, Group82, and signed a distribution deal in January 2015.

Dorian released his debut project, "The D.U.C.K. Tape" on February 14, 2015,  exactly 365 days after he bought the production software.  Inspired by the aggressive nature of early 90's hip-hop, the controversial song "FUCKEM (Ode to Police)", brought attention to Dorian in underground rap circles.  Less than two weeks after the song was released, he was interviewed by BlazeIndieRadio in Los Angeles, CA and was featured in Clemson University's student newspaper, "The Tiger".   On May 23, 2015,  Dorian released his single "Sunshine" which was well-received by Midwest hip-hop aficionados.  Riding the momentum of "Sunshine", Dorian became inspired to start working on a new project that would focus on relationships, personal insecurities and his upbringing.  Dorian tagged well-known Indianapolis music producer Joey French to co-executive produce his second full-length project, "Every Scar Has A Story", that was released to digital retailers on October 28, 2015.  After receiving consistent positive feedback about "Every Scar Has A Story", Dorian packed up his Nissan Maxima, drove 2,500 miles and made Los Angeles, California his home.  "I knew if I wanted to be taken serious in the music industry, I had to get out of Indianapolis.  I had the support system in LA to make all of my business goals a reality."  In May 2016, Dorian released his single "Don't Sleep", exclusively to his SoundCloud and YouTube.  To date, "Don't Sleep" has accumulated over a million plays and has inspired dance videos from performers such as New Generation 916 and "So You Think You Can Dance: The Next Generation" champion Kida Tha Great.  In February 2017, Dorian premiered the "Don't Sleep" music video on the website of iHeartRadio's 98.3 WZRL Indianapolis. That same month, Dorian received FM radio play with his sultry love track "Even Love Me" premiering on WRIU 90.3 FM.  In August 2017, Dorian collaborated with retail shoe giant Journeys to have the "Sunshine" music video shown in all 1300 of the retail locations in North America.  To date, Dorian has over 5 million streams on all digital platforms.

Having chased the American dream through education and running the corporate rat race, Dorian brings a perspective to hip-hop that no other MC has been in a position to convey.  A direct descendant from the Kanye West school of middle - class storytelling, the vulnerability in Dorian's music is the tool he uses to accomplish his primary goal: to help people become the best version of themselves.